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Walking baby

November 22, 2017

According to our Hebamme, who I’d really rather call Eli’s fairy godmother, to create a structure in an otherwise disorganized day of a newborn, a daily walking schedule must be institutionalized (her words, not mine). And so we did. Or I try.

Everyday between 11 am to 2 pm, I take the baby out for an hour-long walk at the neighborhood. Truth be told, it probably serves me more good than it does her. It’s getting darker in Germany as the winter approaches and with that comes the occasional sullen mood. Cabin fever is very real and our daily walk is something that I look forward for each day.

A day at the public park with Eli

Between housework and caring for baby, I find it reinvigorating to step out of the house and be amongst people. Other people. It is especially reassuring to see other mothers walking their children. I am not alone, I tell myself. Everyday, there are probably tons and tons of new mothers out there who like me also feel somewhat incompetent but live for the special high of their baby’s breath or the way they look at you and the world (about 8 to 12 inches away) with all their purity and innocence after you change their nappies.

As for baby, I make sure she’s fed and almost asleep (drowsy?) before we dash out of the house. I have also given up, for now, on putting her on the buggy as she seems to prefer being carried on the Manduca. Maybe she finds the warmth of the body comforting. For as long as her weight is still manageable for wearing, I don’t see continually using the Manduca a problem.

During walks she has small meltdowns here and there but none that I can’t manage. A small feat, but a victory for a new mom still. Sometimes when I’m lucky, she gets a good cat nap of about 30 minutes to an hour after we have come from the walk. Just enough for me to have a quiet meal and straighten up the house update my blog uninterrupted.

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