Review: Acceler8 coworking space in Makati

October 26, 2016

Having recently transitioned to a freelance set-up, I found it challenging to stay focused in my small studio. There was my bed, high-speed internet where I can stream just about anything, and my reasonably stocked fridge that made me feel distracted all the time. Drawing the line between when the work day begins and when it ends has left me feeling as though my work day never completely ends while at home.

In addition, there was no place for me to metaphorically leave workplace troubles. With my place having no extra room, it sometimes seems stuffed with a mixture of concerns from my personal and professional life. Other than that, I also feared gaining too much weight from staying home most of the time.

I started searching for a coworking space that I can easily walk to – the same way I did when I worked in an office. To narrow down my options, I set the criteria to be distance, price, and amenities; of which I was left with Acceler8 as the coworking space that had my minimums.


I list items that won me over about Acceler8 and what had me scratching my head a few times below:



  1. Price, Payment Options, and Business Address

Considering its location, Acceler8 is one of the most reasonably priced coworking spaces in Makati. They have opened a few months ago and have given away a month’s access at a discounted price.

Another pull for me are the various payment options depending on your convenience. On top of the usual bank transfers, check, and credit card payments they also accept Paypal transfers as payment method.

Other coworking spaces would charge extra for a business address, Acceler8 sets itself apart by adding that in their coworking space package.

  1. Premium location

Conveniently located in Salcedo Village along Tordesillas Street, Acceler8 caters to a wide variety of interests before/after work.

For fitness enthusiasts, there is a cross-fit gym and a kickboxing gym a stone’s throw away. For some R&R, you can pick between the spa within the building where Acceler8 is housed or Nuat Thai that is but a few steps away. Right across is an organic store that sells local fare with a cozy restaurant attached to it (their chicken pasta’s a must-try) for in-store dining.

On a Friday night, you don’t have to walk too far for a drink at Rue Bourbon. Taking that as your base, you can walk a few meters down for some Indian food at New Bombay and burgers at 8 Cuts. Toby’s Estate and Wild Flour are also close.

If you’re up for it, you can learn German at Goethe Institut which is also not too far from Acceler8.

What adds to its charm is the Salcedo park close to it where you can decompress for a bit and admire the dogs enjoying their walk. And if you enjoy walking as much as I do, you can walk to/from work if you happen to live within the CBD and its nearby residential area.

  1. Customer Service

I received a welcome kit as well as a welcome email that details facilities available for me on my first day at Acceler8. The community managers were also attentive during the onboarding and would send regular emails for the week’s activities and attractions.

  1. Interior & Lighting

I was first taken aback by how small the space was. Over time, it grew on me. There are several seating options depending on your need. There’s the ledge for individual work, a round table that accommodates 4 team members, and the long table that sits about 8.

Thanks to the huge window that lets the sun in during the day, the space is bathed in natural light. In the evening, they have yellow fluorescent light warmly lighting up the place. Also neatly scattered across the space are whimsical touches such as a record player, a community wall that maps the freelancers who are working there, and a wall by the pantry that doubles as a bulletin board for the month’s events. I found the small painted landmarks lining the walls to be a thoughtful nod to the global customers that the freelancers serve.

  1. Pantry, Coffee, and Bar

They fit into the intelligently designed space the functionality of regular office spaces: a coffee machine that’s usually filled with freshly brewed coffee, a common fridge, and area for dining. The only additional surprise is a small bar where you can order a beer or some wine for days that call for it (any day is perfect to have some wine, right?).



  1. Connection Speed and Stability

There are days and times of the day when crowd traffic is at its peak. This is when I would sometimes ache to run home for better internet connection. It would get so slow that the browser would freeze then crash.

  1. Business Hours

They are open from 7 am to 7:30 pm on weekdays only. But it would be great if they are open until 10 pm (or later) to cover other time zones and are available on Saturdays too.

While there are inconveniences, I decided to overlook them due to the gains, that for me, outweigh it. I have paid for another month of coworking space access and would keep on doing so in the foreseeable future.


Stars: 4 / 5

Acceler8 Makati Contact Information:

  • Coworking Plans at Acceler8
  • Address
    • Acceler8 Paseo: LG, 111 Paseo de Roxas, Legaspi Village, Makati City, 1229, Philippines
    • Acceler8 Tordesillas: 7F Finman Building, 131 Tordesillas St, Salcedo Village, Makati City 1227, Philippines
  • Email:



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