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Kim Addonizio: Darkening, Then Brightening

The cloud has been lifted. Wandering listless and seemingly lost in the bureaucratic noise created by simply wanting to be together is behind us now. This predicament can perhaps be blamed on past transgressions of individuals cutting corners hence necessitating security measures that spiraled and became this new convoluted system. Nevertheless, they matter so little now. It is done. In wading through the…

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Edgar Guest: On Quitting

With the coming of a new year (a new day, week even) comes various resolves about quitting. There was a man who quit his job every 31st of December to refocus and assess whether what he is doing is what he would want to be spending his time on. The more typical fare would be to give up select vices…

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A warm summer night at Camden Town

We have a book. The chapters of which are waiting to be filled. Happy, sad, funny, interesting… Regardless. What matters is that we have started this journey together with only the most heartfelt hope and resolve for our story to last.   I remember our first meeting. Peering through the window at the fourth floor where my apartment was, I…

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Galway Kinnell: Wait

  It is true that there is some romance in waiting. But it’s also true that there is an unfathomable anguish in it. THE WAIT. I am reminded that things don’t move along when and how I want it. Because there is a natural flow. There is an order or chaos or inaction to how things happen. And I have…

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Jane Kenyon: Philosophy in Warm Weather

  Chilly days are gone too soon. No longer than two weeks, the Philippine weather is back to being humid. Living in a tropical country isn’t as good as it reads in books or looks in pictures.The sweltering heat makes it difficult to move around. It would take great motivation to step out and face the sun. As a lover…

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Pat Schneider: The Patience of Ordinary Things

Everyday I have to wait. I wait for the bus. I wait for it to get to my destination. I wait for traffic to ease. I wait for waiting to stop. I can get impatient, restless but I am incapable of making anything go faster. I cannot make the bus come right as I am approaching the bus stop. I…

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