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3-part fuss free daily beauty routine

My love affair with makeup started when my mother’s best friend gave me my first Mac lipstick. It may not be the case then but I certainly felt transformed each time I apply the buttery formula on my lips. It was only when I started working that I had access to troves of cosmetic products. What started out as powder and…

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Allow me to vent, friends. God is funny. If you asked me what I wanted nary a year back, I would be able to walk you through a timeline complete with priorities: work with interesting people, go further in my career, and take graduate studies in Europe (yes, I also knew which continent I wanted to be). Getting married won’t…

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A warm summer night at Camden Town

We have a book. The chapters of which are waiting to be filled. Happy, sad, funny, interesting… Regardless. What matters is that we have started this journey together with only the most heartfelt hope and resolve for our story to last.   I remember our first meeting. Peering through the window at the fourth floor where my apartment was, I…

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A breather

All of the days preceding this week went by on a dizzying frenzy. It was a get up and get moving rhythm with barely a time to relish my mornings. So this week’s break from class is a welcome pause. I’d now have some time in my hands to do as I please, namely: watch a cooking show while sipping…

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The long and short of it

Resistant in the beginning but I’ve somehow adopted a solid weekday routine: walking to work. I live about 20 to 30 minutes on foot from work. The first few months were terrible just as most changes are. I hated the heat, people who rushed past me and some who took their sweet time walking as if filming a romantic comedy,…

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Jane Kenyon: Philosophy in Warm Weather

  Chilly days are gone too soon. No longer than two weeks, the Philippine weather is back to being humid. Living in a tropical country isn’t as good as it reads in books or looks in pictures.The sweltering heat makes it difficult to move around. It would take great motivation to step out and face the sun. As a lover…

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