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Eli at 10 Months

August 23, 2018

Hurrah! Eli has now lived longer outside of my womb than inside!

To match that, she has now become a little more independent in that she can explore the house on her own, eat finger food by herself, and communicate to us what she needs/wants not only by wailing.

Eli’s: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th month

Little Cruiser

With help from a walking cart, she can walk across the living room by toddling by. The first time she used it was such an unbelievably high moment for me. High because she’s ludicrously hilarious to look at realizing that those two chunky chomps that belongs to her can be used for other things aside from speed crawling.

Months ago, I was worried that she’s not developing at textbook-pace. I shouldn’t have worried because now she’s more mobile than ever.

The Little Shadow

Speaking of increased mobility, she follows me or her papa EVERYWHERE. When the door is closed behind her, she would demand to be let in.

She’s gotten into the habit of taking apart toilet paper and everything she can get her hands on. One time, she hurt her fingers while investigating the mechanisms of the drawer. Ouch!

When she’s not playing shadow, she’s going through the paper trash, taking out the items that interest her, and finally scattering them across the floor.

Eli’s trail of destruction

Everything Must Go

…In her mouth, that is! Her favorites are paper, slippers, and her toes!

… and on the floor! For some meals, I encourage her to self-feed by serving her finger food (e.g. bread, veggies, and fruit cut into small pieces). It’s cute to look at but it also gets messy during and after each meal.

The Outside Voice

My husband called this out first. Whenever we’re outside, for example while on the train, Eli, when she wants attention, uses a different voice. A sweet, irresistible baby coo that melts even the stiffest of hearts. She uses this angelic baby voice outside and it works every time.

I do find it interesting how it came to be. I certainly am not sure of the whys and hows but I’d hazard a guess that since she gets a favorable response from strangers with that action, she is encouraged to repeat it.

Charm on.

How’s the Mama?

Still rolling with the punches and figuring it out along the way. I must say that it has gotten a lot better since I’ve been getting more sleep now. She’s still breastfed but it’s more spaced out now than when she was fresh out of the womb.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been working at introducing other things in my life that I deem essential for my future and my sanity. I’m attending a German course two nights a week at VHS, going to Ruckbildungskurs with Eli, and going out with some wonderful Filipinos that I’ve met in Germany whom I consider good friends now.

There are many loose ends still. The house is not in perfect shape most of the time and there are food deliveries every now and then. I also feel the occasional impatience about finding work that I can do alongside my current commitments. Whenever I get these thoughts, I nudge myself back to thrive mode by looking at my daughter or by drinking coffee. Or by doing up my face. 

Suma total: It’s good, it’s messy, and it’s always a work in progress.

Bis später!

xx Nina

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