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Eli at 5 Months

March 21, 2018

And just like that, we have passed what some label the fourth trimester. It is challenging to keep track of Eli’s development because I find them melding into one cluster that I can’t assign months to. I find regularly writing about it a good exercise of keeping track of her early interests at this precious time in her life. Something that I can look back on when she’s older. (Eli @ Month 1, 2, 3)

How’s Eli?

Skilled Grabber

Grabbing things at the table is Eli’s new sport. Each time either Greg and I sit her down on her high chair, she would, like a loose cannon, take anything within arm’s reach, as soon as her bottom touches the base of the chair. She has also taken to hitting plates together after having discovered that they make a nice banging sound.


Eli loves attention! She thrives and basks in it. Recently, she has taken up her smiling up a notch by laughing when something pleases her. We got a first glimpse of it when we visited her grandmother. While she was getting changed, her Oma blew raspberries on her feet, a few moments later, Eli let out the cutest squeal of delight. She was all dimple and giggles! Soon later the simplest things make her smile like calling her Schatz repeatedly or her father pretending to chomp down her chubby arms.

Who’s the fairest of them all?

Our house has a fair number of mirrors and Eli – without fail – is entertained by her reflection. She would stare back at the face right in front of her and will it to smile and talk back. It’s entertaining to watch her enjoy engaging her reflection. Is it wicked (or smart?) when I take advantage of this interest and do some work while she’s enjoying her time in the mirror?

How’s Mama?

Going on day trips

Although I’m not as mobile as before, I’ve gone on trips around the city and to another with Eli. Because Germany has a good transport system, it proved to be not too hard taking the public transport. I have learned to plan my trips around whether there are elevators I can take to carry Eli’s pram. When that is not an option, I’d just use the baby carrier. When she gets hungry during the trip, I simply take out my nursing cover then nurse her on the train or the restaurant. It helps that people here don’t stare or look uncomfortable and offended when they see mothers nursing making the task a comfortable and drama-free one for me.


I’m working on getting back into shape and getting fit. I’m still very far from it but with the daily hour-long walk that I take with the baby, I get to do a little bit of cardio. It’s a slow start but I’d like to do more sports come spring/summer.

For the most part, I feel a lot more confident now about caring for Eli compared to when I started. My constant fear back then was breaking her with my inexperienced hands. Good thing babies are not made of porcelain so Eli, like any resilient baby born to survive, is doing alright.

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