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Eli at 3 Months

January 21, 2018

From a newborn whose abilities are limited, Elizabeth has quickly picked up new skills such as being able to sit upright and carry some of her body weight on her chunky legs. Three months – for babies – spell a world of difference! (Eli @ Month 1, 2)

CHEERFUL AND CHATTY. How Eli likes to spend her awake time: charming her parents with her smiles and babbles.

How’s Eli?

Little Miss Sunshine

Here’s how it goes. I would wake up ahead of Eli so I can go about my personal business until thirty minutes later, I would hear her wailing from the bedroom. In all fairness, since she can’t really talk yet, the only way she can get my attention is by crying. And she does it by crying loud, tearless cries that I find almost cute. The moment I hear it, I hurry to the bedroom afraid for the calls to escalate into a desperate cry. As soon as she sees my face and hears me singing to her our morning song, her cry would immediately stop and her face transforms into a sunnier than sunshine smile. I look forward to waking up each day to see her happy and eager to explore the world.


Somebody just discovered her fingers and what she can do with them! Ever since she learned that they exist, she can’t stop licking them. She has also started to discover things either by her hands or her mouth. She particularly enjoys munching on her Papa’s hair, licking my face, and just licking anything she finds interesting. Could be her toy, a baby spoon, or the hem of her dress!

Cutest Chatterbox

That said, she has become quite the companion nowadays. She would engage Greg and I into a babble-thon complete with varied facial expressions. It’s so enjoyable that we manage to carry out some form of conversation with her already and take the conversation where we want it! Sometimes, instead of crying as soon as she wakes up from her nap, she would talk to the stuffed animal mobile hanging on her cradle.


How’s Mama?

New helper

It used to be that doing the dishes was my most dreaded aspect of housework. I skip it once and I’m left with a mountain of it. It’s very easy to miss it (or not want to do it) especially when Eli can’t endure being carried or waiting on her bouncer. Thankfully our new kitchen arrived and ever since then all I had to do is make sure that each night the trusty little helper is loaded and started then first thing in the morning I organize the clean wares. Easy peasy. Because of it I have time to enjoy my warm cup of coffee and fit in some me-time to get ready for the day.

Reset button

Although there are days when caring for Eli is hard, her general fussiness has become more predictable. Knowing that, I make it a point to take her out every afternoon to lull her to sleep. If she doesn’t fall asleep, the walk still serves the purpose of resetting both Eli and I. Win-win. Winter time in all its storied picturesque quality can be cold, dark, and wet. If you ask me, I prefer spring when there is a blend of cool breeze and longer daylight. Just the very activity of walking around the block relieves the heavy winter feeling and helps with the release of endorphins.

CHASING THE SUN. Eli and I raced out of the house to revel in the rare, warm mid-day sun.

We’re a few months shy from spring, I am daydreaming about taking Eli to explore more parks, lay down a picnic cloth and bathe ourselves in spring’s cool air! But until then, we have this winter to survive. Oh well, each day brings us closer and closer to my spring daydream with her.

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