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September 28, 2016

Allow me to vent, friends.

God is funny. If you asked me what I wanted nary a year back, I would be able to walk you through a timeline complete with priorities: work with interesting people, go further in my career, and take graduate studies in Europe (yes, I also knew which continent I wanted to be). Getting married won’t even be until a specific age that I also know.

But He is funny. I fell and fell hard. The head over feet kind.

I received several calls over the months that I’ve been waiting. And still do up to this day about on-site opportunities that I would have taken in a heartbeat had it been a year ago.

But God and His timing can be funny. I’d find myself refusing these over and over with lines about circumstances changing.

Being an impatient person, I find myself needing a lot of it to endure the visa marathon. But timing is a jokester. I would find out that visa processes have changed to become smoother that it no longer keeps apart couples unnecessarily during document checks.

There are days that I am confused by my decisions. It is an uncharted territory, where I’m going. Somewhere I didn’t map. A place that speaks so foreign a language that I’d be starting over completely.

The timeline I used to have no longer applies. What adds to the frustration is that all I have is a mere estimate of how much longer the wait is until there is movement.

I’ve been told that where I am is the dormant stage. That I should take it with grace and humility. I have nothing to say about that at the moment. It’s the best approach, maybe.

With the way things are with me however, it remains a daily struggle.


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